Sunday, July 5, 2009


Let me just begin by saying that I'm very excited to create this first entry. The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone updated on my fellowship. I will be travelling to Peru at the end of summer to visit one of our partners, Mosqoy, as Education Generation's fellow.

The plan is to arrive in Peru on August 23, where I will be staying for a month and working closely with an amazing organization called Mosqoy. Mosqoy is one of Education Generation's first partners and we have a long-established relationship with the organization, which goes back to the first days of Global Agents for Change ( In the last year, thanks to the support of our donors, we have fully funded 10 Mosqoy students who are currently attending a technical institute in Cuzco in Peru. I can't wait to meet the students in the Fall when they come back to Cuzco from their summer vacations. I will also be participating in the selection of the new batch of students for next year, who will most likely all be featured on our Education Generation website.

Mosqoy runs the Sacred Valley Youth fund, and aims to provide 20 scholarships to deserving students every year. Most of the students are living in a common house in Cuzco which was set up for them by Mosqoy.

Visit back at the end of August to view more posts from the trip.