Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 1 - I´m in Cusco!

Today Ashley (Ashley is the founder and a Director of the Mosqoy program) and one of the students from Mosqoy, Enrique, picked me up at the airport. We then went straight to the house where the Mosqoy students live. The way it works at Mosqoy is that most of the students live in one house which is paid for by Mosqoy. Currently there are 18 students that live at the Mosqoy house in Cuzco. Mosqoy has 26 students in total, 8 of which have relatives in Cuzco or other pre-arranged accommodations.

We went straight to the house and there’s a hostel in the upstairs part, where Ashley and I will be staying most of the time, so it worked out really well for us as we’ll be right next to the students all the time.

So on day 1 I met with a couple of students, and then Ashley and I went to meet up with Raul, who’s Mosqoy’s program coordinator on the ground and an associate director. We talked about our plan for the next month and discussed some details about the selection of the new students for next year. Ashley and Raul are talking about expanding outside of the Ollantaytambo region (where all of the current Mosqoy students are from) and selecting students from the nearby communities. We decided to visit some of the communities on Friday, which should be cool.

Ashley and Raul discussing the selection process.

So far, no altitude sickness for me, which is great as we started working on stuff right away.

Plaza de Armas in Cuzco

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