Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 2 - Schedule

Busy day today, mostly organizing ourselves. Ashley and I came up with a schedule for the next month of my stay and decided on what we´ll be doing.

So far we´ve got:

Wed, Aug 26th - a trip to Ollantaytambo, which is a village in the Sacred Valley, where all of the Mosqoy students are originally from.

Thur, Aug 27th - I´m going to Machu Picchu :))

Fri, Aug 28th - we´ll be visiting other communities/villages in the Sacred Valley, where Mosqoy might start selecting students next year.

Sat, Aug 29th - trip to Amaru, to visit one of the weaving communities, where Ashley and Mosqoy run a weaving program called Qente.

Sun, Aug 30th - Pisac market during the day, and a big reunion + pizza meeting with all of the students at night. I will introduce EdGen to the students and start scheduling interviews with them on Sunday.

The week of Aug 31 - I´ll be in Cuzco taking Spanish and staying with a local family. I´m scheduling a number of student interviews for that week as well. Probably on Tuesday of that week we´ll be going to the Institute that the students are attending and sit in one of their classes as well.

Week of Aug 7 - planning the fellowship for next year, preparing for the selection process, and more interviews.

Sept 10-12 - we´ll be returning to Ollyant. to select the next batch of students for next year.

Sept 13 - we´re planning a day trip with all of the students that day, don´t know where yet.

We´ll likely go to Puno/Lake Titicaca and Ica at some point on one of the weekends as well :)))

Ashley and I also talked about creating a Resident Advisor role, someone who could live at the house and act as a liason between the students in Cuzco and Mosqoy. It´s most likely going to be one of the alumni (Mosqoy 1) who will be graduating this year. The job will be part time, so the RA will be able to have a full time job as well, and Ashley will be working out the exact job description. We also talked about some reporting that the RA could do once or twice every semester, give updates on how the students are doing and whether there are any issues/problems to report, so we´ll be working on the templates for the RA to use as well. EdGen will also receive a copy of the report, which would be great.

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