Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Vacation!

After a lot of hard work, I decided to take a little vacation this past weekend! It has been a lot of work in the past few weeks, and I decided to relax and treat myself to a short vacation to visit Nazca and Ica. I went with four awesome friends I had met in Spanish school and we had a great time!

Nazca is most known for the Nazca lines which are a pure miracle etched into earth. To view these earth carvings, we had to take a plane and fly over the figures of monkeys, eagles, aliens, and other things. It is still unsure as to how and why these ancient carvings exist, but they are really spectacular to see. Although the plane ride in the tiny plane made me slightly nauseous, it was very worth it!

The rest of the trip we spent in a place called Huacachina, which is the home of the spectacular lagoon situated amidst endless sand dunes. It is an absolutely beautiful sight, and there is nothing more that I enjoy than some sand water! The coolest part about the trip was the sand dunning that we did in the desert! A buggy car drove us through the desert (which was really a roller-coaster ride and attraction in itself) and would stop at steep hills for us to slide down on. It was amazing...and I was full of sand afterwards.

After a few days of great laughs, creepy hostel owners, toilet explosions, and most things that could go wrong (or really weird)- going wrong or really weird...I had great memories and some relaxing times to recharge my batteries for the last few weeks in Peru.

Enjoy some of the photos below!

The Alien in the Nazca Lines!
Jumping in the sand!!
Some sand snow boarders!
Getting ready to go downhill!


  1. OMG!!!
    i want to go back to do this!! this looks soo fun! did you get any burns??

  2. Sand boarding...that is amazing!!