Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mosqoy 3 News!

I have been spending a lot of time working with Mosqoy 3 students. It has been great getting to know them, their stories, and their families. Sometimes, during the interviews, I hear about heartbreaking stories about alcoholism in the family, difficulty with money, or about the great responsibilities they take on early on in their lives. Other times, I hear about their dreams, their hopes, and funny stories in their lives. It is very scary that a few of them still do not have donors for August. It breaks my heart to think that they might not begin their studies with the other students, after they have been excitedly waiting for that for over a year. Make sure to visit educationgeneration.org and mosqoy.org and see how your small contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of these great young adults.

Every time I’d visit a home, I would be greeted with generous hospitality and delicious food. The other day, we had to sleep over at a student’s house as their village was quite far away and we could not return in time. They made sure we had delicious meals, comfortable beds...and together we played cards into the night.

Together we will also organizing a large community event. On July 3rd, we will be hosting an Ollantaytambo Mosqoy championship in volleyball and soccer. It is great seeing the students step up, take on leadership roles, and bond with each other!

Enjoy some of the photos below!

With Yolanda and her mother in their home. They were so incredibly welcoming. I visited their home at 9 in the morning and after our interview they showed me their crops, their animals, and taught me more about Peruvian food. Yolanda is actually the third student from this family to be in Mosqoy. Ebhert is her in Mosqoy 1, Dina is in Mosqoy 2, and Yolanda is now in Mosqoy 3. They are a great family! Yolanda with her mom in their kitchen.

Elizabeth with her mother and 5 of her 10 siblings (and one cousin)!

With the family of Fiorela and Emy Luz. We visited them for two days. To get to Soqma, their village, we needed to hike for around two hours into the mountain. It was a beautiful hike and some exercise finally!

Fiorela and Emy Luz are incredibly energetic and positive girls. They were giggling the whole time and we had a great time in Soqma!

They also took us to beautiful waterfalls near their village. It was around an hour to hike to them, but the water was stunning. Water always relaxes me.

On the hike back from the waterfalls.


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