Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Cusco for a Week!

I’m a little late with this blog...but here it is! Ashley, Jasmine, and I went to Cusco last week with an agenda to finish a lot of administrative stuff and make over the new Casa Mosqoy. The week ended up being full of meetings, planning, and, of course, some Extreme Makover: Home Edition Casa Mosqoy decorating (Extreme Makeover people, if you are reading...we wouldn’t mind a new, decked out Casa Mosqoy! Gracias!
I love Cusco and it was great being back in the city. I had the chance to visit Fairplay again, hang out with Cusco friends, and enjoy the city. Living in the house with Mosqoy 1 and Mosqoy 2 students finally gave me the chance to hang out and get to know them more. They’re all around my age, mature, and friendly. One of the nights, we took them out to a Cinema Cafe and watched “Stranger Than Fiction”!

One of the main missions of the week in Cusco was to fix up and decorate the new Casa Mosqoy. Casa Mosqoy is a house in which the Mosqoy students live in during their studies in Cusco. As most of them are from Ollantaytambo and the surroundings villages, they do not have a place or the money to live in Cusco. Casa Mosqoy is part of the Mosqoy program and scholarship, where all the generations of Mosqoy live together in Cusco. They had just moved to a new and bigger house, and there are still plenty of things to fix up and, of course, decorate! Unfortunately, this also includes tedious landlord negotiations about water, rooms, etc (which isn’t too easy in Peru)...but also includes the more fun aspect- like all the supplies and decorations shopping.

We dedicated one day to getting all the kitchen, house, and cleaning supplies, along with posters, poster paper, and many other things. We began decorating the common room when I had left for Parobamba, and the rest was up to Jasmine, Ashley, and the students! I’m excited to see the final product.

Enjoy some photos below! (Note: They are very distorted and it is driving me crazy! But blogger and this net cafe are not being very cooperative!)

Morning meeting with the beautiful catherdral as our window backdrop.

We found a great cafe in Cusco with free wireless internet. Ashley is working away, while the coca tea is my trusty companion.
The streets are closed for the many fiestas happening in Cusco in June. Perfect time for a tourist shot!
Shopping with the students for house supplies.

Ebhert showing of our newly decorated ´English Wall´in the common room. We had a class afterwards!


  1. Close bracket after the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition shoutout

    haha you weren't joking about photos being distorted!! You do not look like you (aka tall and standing out) in your tourist photo

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