Thursday, May 20, 2010

Among the Incas

It is already my third week in Peru! How unbelievable! Life in Peru has been great so far. I did not even think that I would be travelling so soon yet again, let alone spending my summer living in South America, but that is life…!

My third week in Cusco has been fantastic- aside from the sore throat and the sniffles, things are great. I have been drinking lots of coca tea, though, which is supposed to help! I also have a bag of coca leaves to chew, but they don’t taste that great…and so I am not too keen on doing it.

As I have not begun my official Education Generation and Mosqoy duties, my week has mostly consisted of learning more Spanish and enjoying the sights of Cusco. Learning a language can get frustrating at times and not being able to completely be myself in Spanish (as one of my housemates put it) is rather challenging. But at the same time, it is SO thrilling to have a conversation in Spanish.

The week consisted of sightseeing, partaking in the seriousness that is winning a volleyball tournament, pisco sour tasting (a popular Peruvian drink that mixes eggs and alcohol), some salsa watching, more mini-bus hardships, and meeting new friends.
I have also made a visit to Casa Mosqoy and met four other students. Casa Mosqoy is a house where the students can live in Cusco free of charge while they study. They have recently moved to a bigger house at the beginning of May and I met up with Rolando who introduced me the other students. Currently, there are about 5 other students living in the house as most of them are either doing their practicum or are back at home in the Sacred Valley as school is not in session right now. We hung out for a little bit- speaking in Spanish and English. They explained to me what they were currently doing, the joys and the problems that they have encountered while moving, and we also had laughs and about romantic relationships!

Ashley and Jasmine from Mosqoy are coming tomorrow, and I need to get healthier, so I am off to sleep. Enjoy the photos below of some great touristy times in Peru.

On Sunday, we had decided to venture off to a nearby town called Pisac. It is popular for its large Sunday market and also the Inca Ruins on these mountains. We had decided to opt out of the easy way of taking the bus or taxi to the ruins on the very top, and decided to instead hike the mountain you see in the photo. It was exhausting because of the altitude, but very worth it!

The colors of Peru

The unbelievable Inca remains

Along the hike we enjoyed stunning Peruvian scenery.

Traditional Peruvian wear amidst Inca ruins.

On my way home one day, I stumbled upon some sort of political gathering. “Willy-We are with you today, tomorrow, and forever.”

The beautiful streets of Cusco


  1. LOVE the photos!
    and i miss cuzco :(

  2. Great post Jevta - love the pics too. Excited to hear how things are coming along. Let us know if you need anything!