Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to Cusco!

Es mi dia primero en Cusco y me encanta esta ciudad. Okay, okay...the blog isn't going to be in Spanish nor do I know enough to fully write it in Spanish, but hopefully by the end of the trip I will! (I dearly hope that sentence was grammatically correct though)

After a 24 hour epic journey to the country of Peru, I've finally arrived to Cusco yesterday (Monday, May 3rd) morning. I'm very happy that I have not experienced any altitude sickness and my host family tells me it's probably because of all the coca tea they have been giving me. I can now say that I have tried this treat as well! It's very delicious! I believe, though, that legal matters (unfortunately) prevent me from bringing it into Canada.

It has always been my dream to fluently learn Spanish, and this fellowship is a perfect match as I actually NEED to learn it in order to carry out my job better. As such, the next three weeks I will spend learning Spanish at FairPlay Peru. In total, I attend six hours of classes each day- 3 hours of grammar and 3 hours of conversational Spanish. It's been very great as I'm fully immersed into the Spanish environment. Today, I have not spoken English with a single person. That being said, it does get a little lonely as I am not fully able to express my thoughts and feelings. But, that's the only way to really learn. Following my goal of challenging myself, I am ready and excited to tackle this challenge as well.

So far, I'm really enjoying Cusco. Stepping into the city, one is immediately aware of its South American charm. Established in the midst of mountains, it's a place in which tradition still carries on. Most evident to a tourist are the woven, colorful garments typical of Peruvian culture. Toques, skirts, baby carriages- they can be seen everywhere! The city itself has a beautiful center with stunning temples, old churches, and narrow cobblestone streets filled with Peruvian art. Today after classes, I walked around those narrow streets, enjoying the history while dodging cars and the many people advertising massages to tourists!

I am situated out of the center, living with a kind family in their home. I enjoy delicious meals three times a day and get to practice Spanish with them. I have never before lived like this, so it's a very interesting experience. Overall, this trip will (and already has) present me with many new situations that will only help me grow and develop myself.

Anyways, I have to go do homework!! In the next few days I will be learning Spanish and connecting with Mosqoy volunteers that are currently in Peru. I can't wait to meet all the students I will be working with. I look forward to sharing stories regarding my volunteer experience! I'm also excited as my friend will actually be arriving to Peru soon to hike Machu Picchu! Great coincidence.

Enjoy some of the photos below!

Until next time, I'm sending love en espanol!


currently listening: World Citizen - I Won't Be Disappointed from the BABEL Soundtrack. A great sentimental and contemplative song. Puts me in a thoughtful mood each time. It's what I ponder to at night (as ridiculously cheesy that sounds). :))))

A school near my home

Outside of my home

Outside of my home in Cusco
My room

Cusco Bus Station
Plaza de Armas in the center of Cusco
Beautiful narrow streets of Cusco


  1. Good luck Jevta! Great first post, and look forward to following along.


  2. Plaza de Armas <3 I still remember that place... You need to check out all the Inca "stuff" in Cusco including the Hatunrumiyoc (twelve angle stone)

  3. Cao Jevto,
    verujem da je ovo neverovatno iskustvo, drzimo ti fige za taj intervju na spanskom..."you can do it".

    Uzivaj u boravku i kulturi Perua...evo sad cemo pratiti blog.

    Sladja i Leporisi