Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mosqoy 1- Rolando

Mosqoy 1 is the first generation of students from the Sacred Valley of Peru which Mosqoy and Education Generation have funded. Through the generosity and kindness of many donors, this group of students has finished their studies and are now completing their programs by doing their mandatory practicums.

This week I got a chance to visit one of Mosqoy 1 students and see him in his practicum action! Rolando is 20 years old and is from Ollantaytambo- a town nearby Cusco. He spent the last four months studying English at the University of Victoria as well, so we would switch between Spanish and English- both wanting to practice the other's language. Having studied tourism, Ronaldo is doing his practicum at a travel agency in the heart of Cusco- Plaza de Armas.

We first met on Saturday and spent the afternoon talking about Mosqoy, his experiences in Canada, and his plans for the future. He invited me for lunch with his friends and I had a typical local meal...and also tried to understand what his friends were talking about in Spanish!

After completing his practicum, Rolando hopes to continue work in tourism. He also practices English every day and currently we are planning practice english practice sessions. Also, we are setting up times when I will visit Casa Mosqoy and hold English conversational classes with him and the other Mosqoy students!

I stopped by the travel agency today as well and took a few photos! Enjoy:

Rolando with his coworker

Myself, Rolando, and his coworker

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